Corner of Shame

Does every house have one? I sure hope so. We are the proud owners of, oh, around six. This one, however, is my favorite.

So much so, in fact, that I was going to write an ode to it today — just to try something different. But I can’t figure out how to single space on this f-ing blog. It seems pretty clear that you can’t. Which means poetry is out. It’s incredibly irritating. Am I the only blogger out there who wants to panegyrize a heap of refuse? One of these days — perhaps after I finally file our 2011 taxes, change my married name, and submit my MOMS Club annual report — I’m moving to a more user (read: idiot) friendly blog host.

The upside? I get to keep it short and sweet today. Go take a nap, even. Which is good, since MJ was up at six, demanding more, more, more familial drawings. Move over, Rembrandt. Move over Mary Cassatt.

Move over, Mike. I want to go back to bed.

So thanks for the shuteye, Corner of Shame. And all of the hassle you’ve saved me. Because of you, I never have to wonder where to put spare shipping boxes. Because of you, our kitchen rug has a place to rest after its ever-so-taxing day. Because of you, paper towels no longer have to be stored separately, in an infuriating diaspora that causes me to ransack my own home searching for a roll. Because of you I know where to find, well, just about everything. There is comfort in that. And peace. And really, only a little self-hatred.

I guess that’s ode enough.

One other thing: anyone need a cooler?

4 thoughts on “Corner of Shame

  1. Carrie

    I’d take your cooler but we already have two of the same make. They also live with the extra kitchen rug. Never used, but can’t be thrown away. Left here by mother-in-law who brings her own flavored coffee creamer when she visits? Possibly.


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