“The short version: we have just moved in. We have never owned a home before. We have very little money. What we had has been spent. The house has a garden. Something must be done with it….So I am here to show how a non-gardener from Brooklyn turned her household hellholes into drought-resistant, lush, verdant oases for the enjoyment and leisure of her child, her husband, her friends…

Failing that, I at least hope to show how a human herbicide (my husband’s words — thanks, honey) can become something, well, less fatal to the plants around her.  Wanna watch?”

What you see above is my original “about.” The one I wrote when I started this blog, thinking it would be about gardening. Or at least about “I-suck-at-gardening.” But what happened, along the way, is that I discovered that, not only do I suck at gardening, but I sort of suck at blogging about it, too. Or, at the very least, that I suck at blogging only about that. It’s an interesting sideline, but I have found that what is more interesting, to me at least, are the vagaries of being a first-time-homeowner, stay-at-home mom in a newly-purchased fixer-upper — one that has not only outdoor spaces but indoor ones — rooms, floors, appliances, and walls — that are in completely, hopelessly deplorable condition. And what it’s like to deal with all of that on a single income.

So I began writing about that, too. And “Thumbstumbler” became a blog about all of the things I don’t know how to do, (and sometimes don’t even like to), but must. About growing a garden, cleaning a house, making a home, when none of those things come naturally or intuitively to me. It’s also about being a mom to a toddler, which does come pretty naturally to me, but which I am still pretty goofy at.

Largely, it’s about me, and the “all thumbs” way I do and see things.

There are many, many blogs about skilled gardeners, adept housekeepers, brilliant cooks, exemplary moms. Someone needs to represent the domestically challenged.

So I do.

These are my stories.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. angel chapin

    Its runs in the family, the great love of beautiful gardens, putting in alot of time and effort (and money to be honest) over the years, with less than satisfactory results .
    And we don’t buy anything unless we really need it….and guess what, we have the same vacuum. Amazing. Actually two if them, one on Amity Road, and we have one here. We just keep bringing it to the repair shop, and your uncle Steve being an engineer just keeps fixing that faulty plug.

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