That’s what I got done today. Nada. Bupkus. Zilch. Or nothing worth posting about, anyway. I kept my kid alive. Not much of a story in that.

There was one small accomplishment, I suppose: I did manage to finally plant the yucca tree out back. It’s been sitting out there in its pot, looking like shite, for a month now:

This afternoon I had a rare burst of energy. Also, MJ seemed to need some down time. So we stayed home and “gardened.” I did this:

And she did this:

She’s basically just spreading soil on concrete over there. Ever…so…slowly. She did this, happily, for a solid 45 minutes. That’s eons, in toddler time. You have to love dirt. No toy will ever compete.

MJ was so into her task, in fact, that I was able to keep working even after the yucca was planted. So I moved some rocks. There’s all kinds of slate, brick, and shattered concrete sitting around back there. It all needs to be removed. Today I began. See this?

I carried every single one of those, down four steps, along the path, across the “courtyard.” Now they are leaning against the wall, making that area look depressing and God forsaken. More than it did already, that is. (Perhaps I should’ve kept the rug after all.) Anyway, at least it’s a change.

Me? I feel like Sisyphus. But at least I got a few steps higher up the mountain today.

Now, if I could just get my daughter interested in rocks…

2 thoughts on “Diddly

  1. mike

    I think those smaller pieces of yucca would look good planted next to the big one, if they’re still there.


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