To Done 3/26

  • Up at 7 with MJ.
  • Watched, with her, while DWP repaired streetlight. Danced a victory dance.
  • Put in a load of laundry.
  • Emptied garbage in bathrooms.
  • Woke Mike.
  • Family breakfast — sort of. 
  • Drove to Silverlake with MJ. 
  • Stopped at Grow Kid Grow to sell a bag of used kids’ clothes. Realized I’d forgotten bag at home. 
  • Took MJ to gym class. The gigantic bouncy house was up. Myra-Jean — who has been in it many times before — decided that she was terrified of it. Refused to stay in gymnasium. 
  • Had snacks with other moms and kids after class. Worried about daughter’s phobic nature. 
  • Went to Trader Joe’s. Did huge shop.
  • Got halfway home. Realized I’d forgotten to buy coffee. Will have to go back tomorrow. 
  • Put MJ down for nap.
  • Put away groceries. Got hit on foot by falling box of butter. Wondered if toe was broken.
  • Made tuna sandwich. Realized I’d bought salmon for dinner. Worried about mercury. Ate sandwich anyway.
  • Swept living room. Mina is a fiendish shedding machine. I could stuff a pillow with her hair. Fantasized, for millionth time, about non-shedding Labradoodle we will get when Mina is no more. Then felt like a jerk.
  • Put in load of laundry. Folded load of laundry. Put clothes away.
  • Swept kitchen and dining room. Finally picked up pumpkin seed that’s been under table for two weeks.
  • Printed twenty-five page tax “organizer” sent months ago by accountant. Looked at first page. Had panic attack.
  • Wrote one thank you note.
  • Went and got MJ when she woke. 
  • Drove with her to Green Bean to sell the bag of clothes I forgot to sell at other store this morning. 
  • Went to library to kill time while clothes got priced.  
  • Library was closed. Caesar Chavez day. 
  • Consoled MJ over library disappointment. Cursed Caesar Chavez. Then felt like a big jerk. Who does that?
  • Brought MJ to Peekaboo Playland as consolation. Watched her jump in bouncy house. Tried to undertsand why she wasn’t scared now.
  • Went back to Green Bean. Thirty-one bucks credit! I am rich.
  • Attempted to shop. 
  • Left in frustration after MJ strewed dress shoes about store. 
  • Made tortellini for MJ’s dinner. She wouldn’t eat it.
  • Gave her a bath.
  • Got her ready for bed. Consoled her when she told me she was scared “of night.” Reminded her of fixed streetlight. 
  • Sang her a song, tucked her in, said good night.
  • Started to eat her tortellini.
  • Got called back in. MJ had pooped. Changed diaper.
  • Sang her a song, tucked her in, said good night.
  • Ate rest of tortellini.
  • Amazingly, another poop. In process of changing this one I dropped it on the floor.
  • Cleaned floor in dark while simultaneously reassuring MJ that “poop is good! Mommy’s just tired.”
  • Sang a song, tucked her in, said good night.
  • Washed dishes.
  • Cleaned stovetop.
  • Switched laundry. Folded load.
  • Cleaned toaster. Read warning label on bottom. Contemplated mortality. Realized I, too, am scared of night.
  • Watched episode of “Modern Family.”
  • Brought out trash bins.
  • Listened to silence of street light. Beautiful.

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