To-Done 1/31

Exhausted, and it’s only 2:45 PM. Done so far:

  • Woke up at 5:45 AM. Immediately read MJ the same three Arthur books that I read her last night before bed, yesterday fifty times, and the day before that eight gazillion times. Hate Arthur with a violent, seething, unreasonable passion.
  • Made cottage cheese pancakes. MJ rejected them. Until her father woke up, at which point she ate his whole plateful.
  • Made pesto sauce out of basil that will go bad otherwise.
  • Started to make scones and realized that I forgot to buy oatmeal. This — along with the fact that I used up the rest of the olive oil on the pesto sauce — means another Trader Joe’s shop. Unbelievable.
  • Vacuumed living room and office.
  • Repaired torn page in “Arthur Writes a Story.”
  • Made Mike’s lunch.
  • Stripped bed.
  • Did load of laundry.
  • Filled out remainder of life insurance application, printed it, signed it, got it to Mike as he raced out the door. Not sure what I just agreed to. Hope I don’t die.
  • Went to post office, shipped box of Mike’s books. Media mail. They’ll get there in October.
  • Took MJ to World Music class.
  • Took her to favorite taco stand, which has recently been discovered by celebrity chef. Waited an unprecedented and vexing amount of time for burritos. Contemplated quitting, until burritos were really good again.
  • Brought MJ home for nap. Read Arthur books before putting her down. Found another torn page. Ruminated on possibility that I am doing the tearing subconsciously. Perhaps while sleepwalking. Promised to fix page.
  • Realized I have no more scotch tape. Now I have to go to Ralphs and Trader Joe’s.
  • Cursed Trader Joe’s for their “no office supplies” policy.
  • Wrote agenda for MOMS Club board meeting I have to run this afternoon.
  • Wrote page-long “board address” for newsletter. Contemplated its total lameness. Submitted anyway.
  • Resisted magnetic pull — surprisingly strong — towards unmade, sheetless bed.
  • Made bed. Still pulled. Resisted again.
  • Brought in empty trash bin. Regarded still-at-curb Christmas tree with grief and trepidation. Said a second, fervent prayer to Gods of sanitation that it might be picked up still.
  • Made ultra-strong cup of tea in preparation for board meeting.
  • Cleaned half bathroom.
  • Put in another load of laundry.
  • Waited for MJ to wake up. Enjoyed final moments of Arthur-less-ness. Stared stupidly into space.

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