To-Done 1/30

  • Took MJ to gym class.
  • Did big Trader Joe’s shop.
  • Brought Mike’s boots in to be fixed. Learned it would cost $150. Talked guy down to $120, then fled in confusion.
  • Put away all groceries.
  • Made first chicken noodle soup ever. Well-intentioned, but remarkably bland.
  • Filled out half of my life insurance application. Contemplated mortality.
  • Rolled out trash bins.
  • Deadheaded one half of one ice plant.
  • Dragged Christmas tree from its “hiding place” (on the lawn — camouflage!) to the curb. Prayed to the Gods of sanitation it will get picked up tomorrow.
  • Brought out trash and recycling bags from kitchen and placed in bins.
  • Called about class action lawsuit against Honda I am supposedly a member of. Could not get a real person on the phone. Can not find my old vin number. Do not understand options A, B, or C. Threw out all paperwork in disgust.
  • Washed kitchen garbage can top.
  • Entered receipts in Quicken.
  • Vacuumed bedroom and MJ’s room.
  • Swept and mopped kitchen.
  • Decided sage plant is officially deceased. Threw it away, but not before salvaging last two leaves.
  • Put leaves in chicken soup. Still bland.

3 thoughts on “To-Done 1/30

  1. Jennifer Chapin

    salt ! a bit of pepper! That’ll take care of the chicken soup.

    also — Cumin, coriander
    or maybe tarragon?
    or maybe those two leaves of sage (with some parsely, rosemary and thyme!)


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