Three Card Mommy

The postman may always ring twice, but at my house he delivers in threes.

Three postcards, that is. And, strictly speaking, it’s not the postman who delivers them. They’re from me. I make them myself, then hide them for MJ to find when I’m at work. It’s a game, an amusement, and a lot of fun for both of us. But, let’s be honest, it’s also a salve of sorts for the great sadness we’re still feeling over my return to work.

Here’s how it goes: In the morning, I hide three handmade cards in places MJ will find them throughout the day. One goes in her school lunchbox, another in the mailbox, and the third somewhere else–today it was taped to her car seat. Each contains, on one side, a simple picture (the only kind I’m capable of), and, on the reverse side, a short message. Basically, I adore you. I miss you. I wish I were there. I’ll be with you again soon. The same things a regular postcard says, more or less, but without the stamp. And with more one-syllable words.

The idea was suggested by one of MJ’s teachers, and, I must say, it’s genius. Today’s only the second time I’ve done it, but the reviews yesterday were glowing. MJ was thrilled. And best of all, I got a postcard in return. I found it under my journal when I went to bed last night, and the sight of it, with its “two dog” drawing and words of love and sweetness dictated by my girl, made my day. I hadn’t gotten to see her since early that morning, so finding it was particularly poignant. Sniff.

Because she’s not the only one doing the missing. I might have needed that little card more than she did.

Anyway. Who’s looking forward to mail call now? Take one guess.


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