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Triptych: Pyrex Explosion

What happens when you roast three beets in a glass Pyrex dish, remove them from the 400 degree oven, and immediately plunge the whole lot–dish and all–under running cold water?

I probably don’t have to tell you.

I wish I’d been awake in science class, though.

What I learned? Shattering a Pyrex casserole filled with hot beets into a sink stacked high with leftover breakfast dishes is loud, messy, and pretty much murder to cleanup. Oh, and kind of traumatizing to the three-year-old girl who witnesses it. Probably because of mommy’s bloodcurdling scream at the moment of detonation. Go figure.

The fun continued, too. Right after this, the dog ate my daughter’s dinner, I burned some walnuts I was supposed to be toasting, then I got poop all over my wrist. My daughter’s, that is. But that part was well after mealtime. Just so we’re clear.

Good times. Anyway. Tomorrow’s another day,

In the meantime, lentil and beet salad for dinner. With very well-done walnuts. Hopefully without broken glass.