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Frozen Over

It’s not every day you see this in L.A.


And I’m not talking about the cracked asphalt., either. Which is, of course, ubiquitous.


Last night it dropped below freezing. This morning? Ice Capades! (I add the link for those of you too wet behind the ears to understand the reference. Eye roll.)

So much for our succulent garden. Agaves and their ilk may be able to withstand drought, bad soil, and the benign neglect of an indifferent gardener, but twenty-five degree temperatures? Doubtful. Oh, well. Dead plants are one thing I am well accustomed to. Still and all, it’s disconcerting. Frost on the clover? Not what most of us associate with sunny L.A.


There’s change afoot. But hey, humans are adaptable, right?

I’m off to the library to get a book on tundra gardening. Mina — Mush!