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To-Done 2/7

We just had house guests for five days, so no cleaning at all got done while they were here. After they left it was time to get busy. But entropy had taken a firm hold, so my first day involved multiple loads of laundry (five, to be precise) and nothing else. Yesterday I kicked into gear a bit more.


  • Two more loads of laundry.
  • Ironed three shirts (this should be accompanied by Hosannahs; it’s a complete miracle).
  • Attended World Music Class with Myra-Jean. Swayed and sang.
  • Did Trader Joe’s run. Bought four bags of groceries but no chocolate snacks (I am out of control). Did, however, buy two bags of their yummy faux Doritos. They’re all natural! I can eat them all day!
  • Ate them all day.
  • Cleaned half bath. Nearly fainted from overpowering Mrs. Meyer’s Basil smell.
  • Did fire engine floor puzzle with Myra-Jean three times.
  • Made home made play dough. MJ requested purple. She got periwinkle. This was acceptable.
  • Attempted to clean red food coloring (from Play Dough making) off of stove, butter dish, and hands. With varied success.
  • Sent in application for gender-neutral dance class for Myra-Jean.
  • Designed tee-shirt for stay-at-home-moms I am convinced will make me millions. Ordered sample online. Immediately realized I should’ve gotten different color. I don’t wear black. Just wasted $25.
  • Brought in trash bins.
  • Filled empty yard waste bin with aloe from back yard. Mike and I went on a berserk cutting frenzy out there this weekend. If plants, (as some think), have feelings, then I am a brutal, psychotic serial aloe murderer and my green bin is now filled with corpses.
  • Dead-headed ice plants on front terrace.
  • Moved bags of soil and fertilizer from front to back of building so my neighbors will hate us less.
  • Prepared chicken salad for myself, Mike, my sister Abigail, and her boyfriend Jesse. Full disclosure: I did not cook the chicken myself — I had, rather, inveigled Jesse to do it the night before. He is very kind. He is an excellent cook. I am an excellent opener of bags of lettuce. The salad was super.
  • Regretted not buying more Trader Joe’s chocolate.
  • Cleaned full bathroom while simultaneously watching MJ in the bath. Scrubbed chicken grease out of the toilet bowl. According to Jesse, this is how they dispose of it in New York. I think this is either genius or terrifying.
  • Picked up seemingly every puzzle piece MJ has ever owned, for what seemed like the millionth time.
  • Watched one and a quarter episodes of Parenthood.

Today I have merely vacuumed our bedroom. Score one more for entropy.