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Zoo-round Sounds

Myra-Jean and I went to the Griffith Park Zoo this morning — I thought it’d be a good day for it, it being the week before Christmas and all. As far as I can tell, the entire world is over at the Americana, getting their pictures taken with Santa ($50 for a shot of your terrified toddler with a looming, sweaty, red-clad actor — how can you resist?)

The zoo, was, indeed, quite sparsely attended. It’s lovely when it’s like that, and we would’ve stayed for awhile, but MJ was bleary-eyed from waking up at 5:20 this morning (!!) so I knew we didn’t have much time. We hardly tarried at the meerkats, gave short shrift to the flamingos, sped past the black-necked swans. We had come there on a mission: we wanted to ride the new(ish) Merry Go Round. Or should I say, I wanted to ride it. MJ has been there before with Mike, but I have not. It was long past time for me to see what it was all about. And Myra-Jean was happy to have another go-around, as it were.

We climbed the hill and rounded the corner. There it was. What a spectacle. What a site. What gorgeous animals.

What a shame about the music.

I guess the main donor to the carousel, Jerry Moss, insisted its soundtrack feature only songs from his old company: A&M Records. And although the music, in itself, is not terrible — at least not all of it — something about riding, say, a Komodo Dragon while “The Lady in Red” blasts in the background is — well, the term “cognitive dissonance” comes to mind. Or the term “yuck.”

Hopefully there’s a statute of limitations on how long the Zoo has to abide by these terms. I’d like to imagine that someday we’ll go there — maybe with MJ’s kids — and find they’ve finally been freed to play some decent calliope music.

I know “he who pays the piper calls the tune,” but in the case of a Merry-Go-Round there should be an exception.