Making Space

Learning about space delights me, but book clubs cannot be ignored. Completing “the Big Bang” with some wistfulness, I continued on to a pulpy thriller called “What the Dead Know.” Not a lot, it turns out. Certainly not about writing.

Fortunately, MJ has no such literary distractions. She’s been able to stay true to her obsessions–space, mostly, with a minor sprinkling of natural sciences. Her studiousness has, at least to a mother’s eye, borne some fruit. Her drawings of flowers have progressed nicely, and her latest depiction of the solar system is, if not totally accurate, at least a decent approximation. Look closely (and with a little imagination) and you will see Saturn’s rings, Neptune’s blue hue, even the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.

This matters to me. My child is learning to look outward. She is blessed with curiosity. She does not find the vastness of our universe terrifying.

Not yet.

As for me, I’m waiting for the library to get my next book club selection in. It’s “Lean In.”

Talk about terrifying.


2 thoughts on “Making Space

  1. lily2lily3

    I did read Lean In. It’s got some interesting points. I understand the controversial aspects too. Definitely book club discussion fodder. She gets a bit bogged down towards the end in behavioral advice which I think will become very dated in a vey short time (if not already). But her descriptions of the remaining gender gaps and glass ceiling in the business/corporate world are eye-opening.

    hard to compare to dark matter, black holes and the big bang.
    but you’ll get through it – quick read.


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