Slice of Life: My Dinner with MJ

FADE IN on a MOTHER, mid 40’s and disheveled, and a 3-year-old GIRL sitting at a dining room table. Before them are plates of tortellini and carrot sticks. The GIRL listens while the MOTHER talks.


Your Daddy loves you so much.

The girl nods.


He loves you SO much. He’d give you anything he had. If he had a glass of

water, and you wanted it. He’d give it to you.




If he had a glass of milk and you wanted it, he would give you that, too.

The girl nods. Her expression is far away. Ruminative.


If Daddy was soooo thirsty, and someone gave him a glass of water,

and he was about to drink it, and you asked him for it? He would

give it to you in a heartbeat. That’s how much he loves you.

The GIRL stares absently.


Myra-Jean? What do you think?

Suddenly the GIRL’s expression brightens. Turning to her mother excitedly, she seems to come to.






I’m drying my butt with a carrot!

On the MOTHER’S wide-eyed expression, we FADE TO BLACK.


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