Young Clerks

No Angry Birds for this kid. My daughter’s favorite new game? “Library.”

The game involves a dozen books–MJ’s own, of course–placed about our living room in an orderly fashion, (OK–a preschooler’s version of one.) There’s a “card” made of a chip of yellow construction paper. Finally, “scanners,” (otherwise known as mismatched salad spoons.)

“The library’s open now, guys!” Myra-Jean calls, in an almost absurdly cheerful trill. “What books do you need today?”

Mike and I stumble in with our hot mugs. It’s hard to be creative at this hour, but we try.

“Um, a book about knot tying?” says Mike.

“Something on the care of flamingos, please,” I mumble.

MJ retrieves the “appropriate” volumes. She taps both the card and the books with her salad scanner.

“There you are,” she concludes gaily. “Did you need a bag?”

We say we don’t. We get one anyway.

Yes, it’s (announcers voice) “the library game!” Coming soon to a living room near you. Or maybe not. Us, we get it every morning. And God forbid we should move one of the “stacks” in order to sit down.

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