LACMA, Baba and Papa

To LACMA today with the grandparents. As big a nightmare as the drive is, I’m always glad to have gone. For one thing, it seems to be the only museum in L.A. that doesn’t genuinely loathe children. (Are you listening, Norton Simon? How about you, Hammer?) For another thing, it’s a beautiful space to run around in, for adults as well as kids.

Finally, there’s a lot of good stuff to look at. Especially the new Levitated Mass, which is, um, spectacular. Talk about awe-inspiring. I can only imagine how it must look to a three-year-old.

2 thoughts on “LACMA, Baba and Papa

  1. Carrie

    We had a friggin ball there – the little cars, the big rock, the yellow tubes – for hours and hours and on the exhausted schlep back to the car, my son said, “Mom, the museum is really boring.”


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