Pillow Talk

When it comes to the way a room looks, one new detail can make a world of difference.

Case in point: the Rachel Craven pillows I got for my birthday. (Thanks, Mom!)

Replacing the pair of flat, unlovely, and forlorn cushions that previously resided on our couch, these new items are an improvement in every way. They’re bigger, plumper, and far more appealing to the eye. Dare I say it? They’re Dwell Magazine nice. (My husband will laugh ironically, reading that reference. Not only because our house is about as “Dwell” eligible as it is fully paid off, but also because his ex-girlfriend actually was on the corner of said magazine. Whatever. I have other strengths.)

Anyway, they’ve sort of transformed our living room. It looks happier by far, more classy, cozier, more grown up.

Now if we could just do something about the fake leather IKEA couch, the pair of dog-hair-covered chairs, and all of the random stuff scattered everywhere…

Maybe next birthday.

Or next life.


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