G’bye Grandma

And so it goes. Another visit ends. Tears in the driveway, promises of a quick return, heartfelt waves to the receding rental car…

“I want her to stay,” MJ moans.

Finally, another book.


We read it over several times. Then we contemplate our growing collection. So many feelings! So little time!

Finally we go on a field trip to the library. Nothing like it to console the sorrowful heart–at least that of my child. Many borrowed books later, we are seeing the sunshine again.

Sometimes it’s medicinal to read someone else’s stories. Especially when you’re three. And missing Grandma. And looking for a super happy ending.

1 thought on “G’bye Grandma

  1. Bonnie Chapin

    That is the sweetest post! I miss you guys so much…am just about to walk down to the store to see Lily, and maybe we’ll try calling. Lots of love, and thanks again for being such a welcoming hostess! Mom


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