Holy Trinity

Divine interventions of the day:

  1. Brought MJ to school this morning before my morning caffeine had kicked in. Chastised the head teacher in front of two other parents about the techno music being played on the yard. Told her “I feel like I’m at a rave, not a nursery school.” Caused it to be changed. Left upset. Got back to school later and the entire parent and teacher population was not avoiding me like the plague. Miracle #1.
  2. Took MJ to MIchael’s to buy craft supplies for the 38 valentines we have to make by Thursday for the kids and teachers at her school. Found out as we were getting out of the car that she had to pee “really badly.” Also that she would not, under any circumstances, use the bathroom at Michael’s or any other local establishment. Managed to make it through a laborious, confusing, time-consuming shopping experience and emerge with heart stickers, card stock and stamps, all without MJ peeing in the aisles. Did forget the stamp pads. Will have to return tomorrow. Still–Miracle #2.
  3. Went to Trader Joe’s. Looked for the dark chocolate-covered caramels that I have sworn repeatedly never to buy again. Needed to have one. Didn’t care about past promises. Searched high and low. Learned they were out of them until tomorrow. Miracle #3.


Now if I could just get someone to make these damn valentines…

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