Song of a New Pre-School Parent

(to the tune of “Angels We Have Heard on High”)


Teacher thinks that I will cry

When it’s time to say goodbye,

Quit the scene and “separate,”

Leave my kid, walk out the gate.

Nooooooooo way! I am so excited.

Oooooooh yay! Stupidly excited.


Parent, why this jubilee?

Why these sighs of sweet relief?

‘Cause I’ll now have three hours off

Not just once but twice a week!

Ooooooooh, dude. You have no idea.

It’s truuuuuuuuue: it’s been nearly three years.


Yes! I love my little one;

Also love getting things done:

Vacuuming an empty home,

Hitting TJ’s all alone!

Whooooooooooo! I am going to get those

Choooooooooooooores done without any kids in tow.


What shall I do first next week?

Balance checkbooks? Clean the sinks?

Tile the half bath? T’would be neat;

So would soaking both my feet.

Hooooooooooow fine! I am sort of reeling.

Dooooooooooown time! What a novel feeling!

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