To Done 9/6/12

  • Woke at 7:30
  • Had tea.
  • Watered garden with MJ
  • Decided to fill bird feeders. In process snagged a brand new bag of Nyger seed on the cabinet door. It tore open, spilling microscopic black seeds all over living room.
  • Swept up seeds. Put contents of dustpan in birdfeeder. Wondered if finches would mind the dog hair.
  • Said goodbye to Mike.
  • Gathered laundry I have neglected for days. Tried to predict how many loads it would be. Decided six.
  • Put in first load with MJ’s help.
  • While in the utility room, noticed a pile of cushions Mike had removed from our dining room benches because he wanted to cut their foam down to the right size. This because I had previously — and accidentally — shrunk the covers. Decided I was tired of waiting for him to get around to it. His emphasis on “doing things properly” is an enemy to task completion.
  • Trimmed cushions with a butcher knife. Placed them back in covers. Realized I’d botched badly. Stuffed cushions with extra trimmings to make them look less floppy. Placed back on benches.
  • Sat. Cozy!
  • Got up. Switched laundry. In process of putting in new load found car keys that have been missing since Monday. In Mike’s swim trunks.
  • Called him to tell him of this. Also mentioned re-upholstering work. Calmed his unreasonable fears. Then burst into hysterical cackles. Hung up.
  • Made MJ lunch.
  • Heard landscaper arrive with his “masonry guy.” Let them in back yard. Locked frantic Mina in bedroom.
  • Chided MJ for making “bracelets” out of her spaghetti.
  • Had quick discussion with guys about the yard. Felt mildly encouraged.
  • Said goodbye to them.
  • E-mailed accountant to ask if our tax returns would be done soon and if we would be getting money.
  • Let Mina out of bedroom.
  • Put MJ to bed.
  • Watched final episode of “Breaking Bad” season 5. Felt guilty for watching TV during day. But it was really good.
  • Fell into a coma on couch.
  • Woke up when MJ did. Put in new load of laundry. Made tea. Searched everywhere for my favorite mug. Even looked in husband’s swim trunks. Did not find. Felt vexed.
  • Put tea in travel mug and took MJ to park. Spilled all over myself while walking.
  • Played in sand, pushed swings, acted like Minnie Mouse.
  • Realized we’d stayed too long.
  • Rushed home, made “dinner.” If a ham sandwich may be given the name.
  • Put in another load of laundry. Took down clothes on line.
  • Fed Mina.
  • Put away laundry. Found tea mug in MJ’s closet.
  • Washed mug and other dishes, tried to clean up for sitter. Contemplated thousands of toys on floor. Wondered how it’s possible for daughter to strew every single one, in a new and baffling configuration, every day. Her messes are like snowflakes. No two the same. This is no comfort.
  • Realized I smelled and needed to take shower. Left toys.
  • Saw I was running late. Skipped shower. Changed shirt.
  • Raced to grocery store. Shopped.
  • Raced to parent’s meeting at preschool. No AC. Sweated, nodded, and volunteered.
  • Raced home.
  • Famished, made cheese sandwich. Began to eat it. Husband came home.
  • Got into it with him about cushions. Apologized for impatience and sloppy workmanship.
  • Made up.
  • Complained of fatigue. Asked husband to clean up toys.
  • Took shower.
  • Went to bed. Realized it was covered with crumpled, clean laundry. Three loads worth.
  • Folded all.
  • Went to sleep.

3 thoughts on “To Done 9/6/12

  1. Donna Craven

    Just found your blog; great find as far as I am concerned. Now I FINALLY know how to get rid of people I never want to cook dinner for again in my lifetime! Can you send me your recipe for chilli, AND I want it to look just like your picture! After eating that (if you actually did); did anyone have to go to the ER due to extreme food poisoning!

      1. Donna Craven

        Looked like worms & funny beans to me!! BUT, who knows maybe it does require a special skill set!! Do you think they sell it somewhere in a can? Maybe you can start to market your chill like Paul Newman does with his salad dressings! Except all profits would go to MJ college fund!!!

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