Farewell Old Fried

Sometimes progress marches backwards. At least in this house.

It turns out that the lemonade was a fatal blow. My old friend, the 2008 MacBook I have loved so well, is dead and gone.Yesterday I had its hard drive pulled out and placed into an old, black MacBook someone gave to Mike awhile back. I think it’s a circa 2006. I will use this until such time as I can buy a new computer. Until, that is, we do not have other, more critical expenses to consider. Such as keeping our roof from collapsing, replacing the windows in the living room before Mina impales herself on a broken louvre pane, hiring a lawyer to get our will in order…

In other words? We’re talking around 2024.

I know. It’s ridiculous to feel self-pity about such a loss. There are people in the world with real problems. Still, it’s hard not to feel a bit depressed. But get over it, right? Laptops aren’t people, or animals. Or even really cute toys. They’re just things.Things, true, that we clutch to our bosoms for hours every day. Things, in this case at least, that have been with us since before our child was born, before we were pregnant, even. But things nonetheless. Ephemera, really.

But ephemera upon which I was really, really dependent.

So farewell, aluminum box. I will miss you.

And hello ancient, heavy, unwieldy black antique. Once I’m done bemoaning my sorry state, I’m sure we’ll get along fine. Until then just bear with me, OK? I’m grieving an old buddy.

But people — like progress — move on. Eventually.


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