I’ve Learned Nothing

In spite of the fact that I have sworn more than once to stop spending absurd amounts of money on hand-made, specialty, and totally unneccesary foods, I find I have already fallen off of the artisanal wagon, so to speak. Yesterday, at the Echo Park Craft Fair, I succumbed. I had brought no cash on purpose, as this gorgeous event provides far more temptation than a person of my constitution can resist. Still, when I tasted the nut brittles of Morning Glory Confections I found myself borrowing five dollars from my sister and purchasing a small box. Five dollars! Tiny quantity! Still, it was worth it, I think. The stuff is really incredibly good.

And at least I didn’t pay $9 for a mason jar of cold-pressed vegetable juice, as so many of my fellow craft-fair patrons did. This was through no virtue of mine, though. The Juice Maids were sold out by the time I got there. Still, nice to know I’m not the only, um, impulsive person out there. I suppose there are those who would insert a different adjective in that last sentence, but I’m trying to be kind.

One thought I did have: if I insert the word “artisanal” before everything expensive I buy, will I feel better about it? Artisanal gas, anyone? Once you think of it that way $4.20 a gallon seems like a steal.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Learned Nothing

  1. Jeff McElroy

    Why not allow yourself a Mother’s Day treat?
    And a Happy belated Mother’s Day!

    I have a lot of catching up to do. It seems you’ve been quite the busy bee since I was last able to read your blog. The slowly dying Mac I have, died suddenly. Luckily the autopsy I performed revealed the reason.
    Parts had to be ordered!
    Skills had to be learned!
    The worst part? I had no internet to help me learn those skills and order those parts!
    But the best and worst of me is that I am stubborn and tenacious, so after “borrowing” friends computers etc, I was able to purchase the parts and revive my Mac.
    Over a month of being offline? I barely survived.
    And isn’t that just pathetic? Seriously. What has become of we humans?!

  2. Jeff McElroy

    It takes more than a broken computer to get rid of me. It usually involves some sort of restraining order…

    I AM glad to be back.

    1. Jeff McElroy

      I’m still learning to hit the “Reply” button instead of the “Comment” button. This may take some time.

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