Mike has asked me to clarify, for the record, the meaning of the title of my recent post: “Pope Urban Planner.” He added that I should be sure to explain that he is “the one who is dumb” — his words, not mine — so that none of you will think I am patronizing you or underestimating your intelligence.

I would like, first, to take this opportunity to say that my husband is about as dumb as Trader Joe’s produce is fresh. Having cleared that little matter up, we will move on to his question. On the off chance that one or two of you are, like him, unclear as to the meaning of the title — meaning, essentially, that you are not scholars of the Crusades — I am happy to elucidate it here. But let me add, first, that I myself would have been clueless if I hadn’t just read a book on the subject. Lastly, given my inability to retain any information long-term — beyond my name and some commercial jingles from my youth — I must add that it is highly likely that, in a few weeks, I myself will have no recollection of what the title meant.

So, for the record, Pope Urban is the guy who conceived of and initiated the first wave of the Crusades. Since I mentioned the Christian sack of Constantinople towards the end of the post — an event which occurred during the fourth Crusades — I felt that the reference to Pope Urban fit in the title.

Sorry for the over obscureness. I will try to simplify in the future. Since I am now reading a biography of Beatrix Potter for my book club, though, I think you are all safe for the time being.

But just in case: if, anywhere in this blog, I refer to a Peter, it is probably the Rabbit, not the Apostle, I have in mind.

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