To Done 3/2/12

  • Woke up at 8:06.
  • Had tea. Greeted husband. Read “Ladybug Girl” to daughter.
  • Folded load of laundry.
  • Talked to mother.
  • Stripped bed in our room. 
  • Read “Ladybug Girl” to MJ while seated on the floor. 
  • Observed that her black leggings were now covered in disgusting amounts of dog hair and dust. Jesus. I just vacuumed a few days ago.
  • Decided our house sits in a “dust vortex”. I am helpless to change it. Instead I will throw out black leggings.
  • Took MJ and Mina to the park. Threw ball. Read “Ladybug Girl.” Wished MJ would forget book and play with others. No dice.
  • Walked home. Hot. Panted and groaned.
  • Watered garden with MJ. Contemplated scraggly “patch” by mailbox. Looks like the horticultural equivalent of a crack den. Sighed.
  • Put in another load of laundry. Hung wet clothes on line. Didn’t all fit. 
  • Put rest in dryer. So much for saved energy.
  • Made lunch. 
  • Read “Ladybug Girl.” Put MJ down for nap.
  • Payed hefty Amex bill. Wondered who kept Home Depot and Lowes afloat before we came along. 
  • Called broker about earthquake insurance. Weighed whether the State of California or a private company I’ve never heard of is more likely to go bankrupt in the event of a major catastrophe. Went with obscure company.
  • Put in another load of laundry.
  • Went to get laundry on line. All items dry, but stiff as cloth corpses. Why? 
  • Put clothes in the dryer to soften.
  • Typed up agenda for Mom’s club board meeting.
  • Vacuumed utility room. The vacuum is already in there. This satisfies me.
  • Brought vacuum into master bedroom. Bemoaned having to “lug” it. 
  • Plugged in vacuum and promptly knocked over my reading lamp with the cord. 
  • Dodged flying pieces from smashed bulb. 
  • Vacuumed doghair, dust, and bulb glass, all the while shaking my head and muttering “unbelievable.”
  • Threw away lamp in a rage.
  • Woke up MJ.
  • Drove to board meeting. Was inept.
  • Drove home.
  • Made elaborate stirfry for dinner. Guilt over too much pasta lately somewhat assuaged. Read “Ladybug Girl” while MJ ate.
  • Started bedtime routine. Mike came home early. Immediately bailed on him. No “Ladybug Girl!” Whoo!
  • Did dishes. Caused minor flood. Cursed the useless artifact that is our dishwasher. 
  • Searched for a new book to read. Remembered that I have no light to read by.
  • Went to bed.
  • Realized I had forgotten to put clean sheets on.
  • Put them on, in the dark.

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