To Done 2/17

  • Slept ’til 8:15. Experienced usual “late shift” guilt.
  • Attempted to meditate. Made it two and a half minutes while simultaneously listening to MJ play her new “guitar” (ukelele) in the next room. She has written her first song. It is called “Puzzle Puzzle.”
  • Got up. Slipped and nearly died on tiny piece of tin tea set. Did not pick it up. It will only end up there again. Swore to look where I was going more.
  • Ran dishwasher.
  • Walked dog and daughter to field, where we read the ladybug book. Argued about whether or not there was time to read second book. There wasn’t. Thanked God.
  • Took MJ to gym class, where she refused to do anything the other kids were doing. Considered that my child is maladjusted.
  • Drove home. Felt exhausted. Considered that I may be coming down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Ate leftover stir-fry for lunch. Worried about arsenic in brown rice. Considered switching to quinoa. Hate quinoa.
  • Felt less tired. Realized I had forgotten to eat breakfast.
  • Folded one load of laundry. Wondered why my just-out-of-the-dryer “Tired” tee shirt is covered with lint. Realized I had washed it with whites. Resolved to re-wash it.
  • Did breakfast dishes by hand.
  • Emptied dishwasher.
  • Re-washed dishes that came out of it still dirty. Muttered imprecations.
  • Did “Pets” puzzle with MJ.
  • Put her down for nap. No bug books. Yes!
  • Swept living room floor where we tracked mud from field.
  • Swept kitchen floor where MJ dribbled brown rice. Arsenic in rice, meet toxic Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on floor. You two should have lots to talk about.
  • Made three phone calls.
  • Swept in front of house. Used mostly MJ’s toy broom. (It is better on steps.)
  • Attempted to weed sidewalk and driveway. Failed. Considered unleashing Mr. Clean on dandelions.
  • Took out the garbage.
  • Realized I was filthy. Changed into “Tired” tee shirt.
  • Auntie Pam came to visit MJ. Hosted.
  • Ran to post office to mail box for Mike while Auntie Pam watched MJ (ie: read her the bug books).
  • Said goodbye to Pam.
  • Walked to field again. Read both bug books. Myra-Jean now knows the words “thorax,” “abdomen,” and “elytra.” Can also identify a Colorado Potato Beetle. It all makes me sick. I do not show this.
  • Made dinner for MJ and two friends who stopped by.
  • Put MJ to bed. No bug books.
  • Ate all food and the last of the homemade cookies with friends.
  • Said goodbye to them.
  • Started episode of “Parenthood.”
  • Mike came home. Realized there was no dinner for him. Fed him left-over, thrice-reheated, sole-of-shoe-tasting TJ’s ravioli for dinner.  Burned myself on microwave steam. Apologized for hungry friends.
  • Got aloe from “carcass pile” in back yard and applied to finger. Considered leaving a small amount of the plant alive for future incidents. Aloe didn’t work. Dismissed thought.
  • Watched rest of “Parenthood.” Cried during baby birthing scene.

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