More (For Him) To Do

Reader Bug W. points out, in her comment on my previous post:

“If you test your soil you are required to disclose the results to the next [home] buyer, and if you find a bunch of crap in there it could be the ‘one more thing’ that makes a sale difficult.”

Always thinking, that Bug.

Knowing our luck, the soil here will test as radioactive, arsenic-laced and, well, just dead. Since the house is — ahem — no showpiece to begin with, I think I will take Bug’s advice and not give prospective buyers another reason to run screaming in the opposite direction. Not, mind you, that we’ll be selling the place anytime this decade, but maybe someday…if it doesn’t collapse on top of us first.

Anyway, ixnay on the estingtay.

This means plan B. If I want an organic vegetable garden, (and what self respecting Mt. Washington stay-at-home mom blogger doesn’t?), planters will need to be built. I put this in the passive tense, because, well, it’s a more polite way of saying: “Honey? One more thing?…”

Or I could teach myself basic carpentry.


Honey? One more thing?

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