It Is Budding

My lilac plant has buds!



It’s the first thing I’ve planted in the front that is definitely (probably) not going to die. How thrilling! In the case of pretty much everything else, though, the jury’s still out…


Here, for example, is the second terrace. I planted it in the dark, so the layout is a little, um, expressionistic. Anyway, everything here looks wan and sickly. Is it because I left the cuttings out in the blazing sun for a week before I planted them? (I’m sorry! It was Christmas!)

I guess succulents aren’t so indestructible after all. Talk about your false advertising.

So thank God for my little lilac. At least somebody’s not a quitter on these terraces. In a couple more days I think we’ll have some flowers.

The rest of you lot: pay attention!

2 thoughts on “It Is Budding

  1. Audrey

    Congratulations. One small thing: That’s lavender. But that’s a good thing, because, from experience, I can tell you that particular type of lavender does very well in our neighborhood. I have several of those plants in the front and back yard. Plus, lavender smells a lot nicer than lilac.

    And I bet those succulents will do really well. They just need time to root and then they’ll really take off this Spring.

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