Lost and Found

I probably shouldn’t have made that crack about the wind storm in my last post — Mother Nature isn’t one to be tempted in such a fashion.

We are just resurfacing after 24 hours of no power, no home phone, no internet. We, and our entire neighborhood. And half of the city. It was really quite a storm, and left much wreckage in its wake. I would post pictures, but I have temporarily lost my ipod Touch. Figures that would happen the second I get internet back up (let me be strictly honest — mine is still down, but my neighbor, who lacks the good sense to lock his signal, got his back. I’ve never met him, but let’s say a quick thanks to tmilanez, whomever he may be).

I’d call my husband to ask him if he’s seen the missing item, but, at this point, Mike has heard me ask “have you seen my ipod?” so many times that it seems unnecessarily cruel (although not unusual) to subject him to the words again. I lose my ipod — hell, all my gadgets — like some women lose their virtue: over and over and over again, without learning a thing. (I am allowed to make that joke, as a recovered “fallen woman”). I lose them so often that, aside from the lovely Touch — which was given to me as a gift — I have stopped owning any gadgets at all worth more than $30. This, after possessing and then losing 2 iphones, 2 Blackberries, a Flip, and more digital cameras than I care to count. (Let me be strictly honest again. Not all of these were lost. Three of them met their maker(s) in a moronic trifecta involving the running over of my diaper bag, by me, while it contained a Canon Powershot, a Blackberry, and the Flip). Since then I have carried only the ipod — a Grandfathered-in survivor — and a little $30 Nokia phone, for which I pay by the month. It is a phone generally used, I believe, by drug dealers, and referred to as a “burner.” I actually saw the exact same kind in the hands of Gus, the homicidal crystal meth Kingpin on “Breaking Bad,”  causing me to yell “That’s my phone! That’s my phone!” while running around my living room waving my hands. It’s the little things…

Anyway, glad to have power back. Glad to have heat. Glad to have tmilanez. When and if I find my ipod Touch, how glad will I be then!

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