Domestic Goddess Tip of the Day

If you wear a long enough shirt you can:

a) wipe your toddler’s nose with it — all day long!

b) use it to dry off a glass that still has water spots on it from your (literally) antique dishwasher.

c) dab your mouth with it during dinner when you have lost your napkin.

My husband wanted me to post this, under “household.”

2 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess Tip of the Day

  1. Jeff McElroy

    Thank your husband for asking you to post this.
    I thought I was the only adult I know still living like a college student.
    He Rocks!
    Your husband might just be THE man!
    Of course, you deserve credit for being “THE woMAN” enough to post it.
    You Rock too!
    Honestly, I love your posts. You make me feel so human. I get a smile or a chuckle or a full-blown laugh daily.
    Nothing is funnier than real life.

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