There is Nothing New Under the (Mt. Washington) Sun

This morning MJ and I were at the playground down the block from our house. While Myra-Jean was playing at sand toys (not her own, of course) I fell to chatting with a mom sitting nearby. We gabbed away, figuring out that we were neighbors, talking about local preschools, and eventually landing on the subject of gardening. My new acquaintance immediately mentioned a blog a friend of hers did called Ramshackle Solid. “It’s so amazing. About, you know, gardening, household stuff, being a mom…here in  Mt. Washington.” She then added that she, too, had a blog. On the very same subjects. Called Green Frieda.

My heart dipped a little. Sheepishly I admitted that I, too, had a blog. About doing that same stuff. In the same place.

There was a pause. “Except mine is about people who suck at it.”

She laughed, and said she looked forward to reading it.

Tonight I checked out both womens’ sites. Gorgeous, of course. They succeed nimbly in reminding me — in case I need it — that, domestically and horticulturally speaking, I am a loser, a dumb ass, and a savage. I have no chickens, first of all. I have no idea what deadheading is. I don’t even know what to weed. I know how to uproot paperwhites now, but even learning that was a Sisyphean endeavor. Today I cracked my new shovel trying to dislodge a rose bush. Who does that? Who cracks a shovel?

There would be no point in continuing, except that someone’s got to represent the hapless few, right? We can’t ALL be fucking experts. Or afford to hire them.

I’ll stay the course. And off the internet.

2 thoughts on “There is Nothing New Under the (Mt. Washington) Sun

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  2. Audrey

    Ha! I am actually far from an expert, so, not to worry. There are many posts about my failures at gardening, and, well, how to dispose of a dead chicken… It was fun talking the other day. Hopefully we’ll see you soon.

    Love the blog!


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