Top Ten Reasons I Will Do Jack Today

1) Festering rage at at Bloomberg.

2) Moms’ Group Book Club met at my house last night. Hilarity — and a late night — ensued. (Learned, among other things, that dolphins are rapacious sexual predators. Of humans. This, combined with a large amount of dishes, resulted in a poorer night’s sleep than usual.)

3) My sister was supposed to give me a spade but she forgot. Impossible to dig.

4) My husband was supposed to buy me a shovel but he also forgot. See above.

5) I am enervated from thinking about daybeds. We need one for our perilously small “guest bedroom” (a term, like “back garden,” I use generously). I want to buy one; my husband wants to build one. Guess who will win? Guess how long it will be before we stop using the air mattress? Guess how many erstwhile guests will seek hotel rooms after one night on the aforementioned article?

6) The New Yorker article “Three Trials For Murder”. Really fucking good. And really long.

7) I received two plants as housewarming gifts last night. One is an unidentified succulent that will go perfectly somewhere. The other is a sage plant. Now I need an herb garden. This was not in my plan. Must reconsider all.

8) Obligatory check of e-mail after ENTIRE MORNING away.

9) Our house came with a Japanese toilet. It has a seat warmer.

10) Busy with this list.

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